This isn’t a band, it’s a label…

The music metaphor is one that still works well for blogs. Group blogs were great for a while; team ups, super groups, shifting line ups. But the world has shifted, the same person might do things under seven different banners now and three identities. Or three people might pose as two, or seven as one.


This isn’t a band, it’s a label. This is a place to showcase the work of a group of people however they choose to be represented – sometimes together, mostly individually… and very occasionally all the powers will combine together in focus to produce something truly astonishing.

etheral beings 0be4a7e45b27015caf497062c808ad04201e24ebAnomalous Engineering is the banner under which you’ll find unique works of cultural investigation. Finding Meaning in the Mundane, using Pop Culture to expand on Esoterica. Practising Word Magic and image juxtaposition to reveal the Weird, hiding in Plain SightWeaponised Metaphysics and Improvised Expositional Devices.

Ghost Tribes of the Future, stranded in the Eternal Now. Time travelling Malcontents hacking ontology and dropping theory bombs. Offering up uncommon futures and profane visions of the present.

Tune in here. Or check out our simulacasts on the usual social media channels…

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